We have 17 months to live here.  That should give us plenty of time to purge unnecessary stuff from our life.

But it is not easy.

We spent all day Tuesday cleaning out the master bedroom closet and we did not finish.

Know what was in there besides clothes?

Genealogy stuff,  storage bins of Christmas tree decorations, bins of receipts dating back to the 1980’s, quilts, shoes, boxes of overflowing scrap paper,  whatnots, etc…..you get the picture..

So we started

Genealogy stuff is now down to three bins. I have decided to put all the direct  line info into one book for my children and only keep one bin. Lots of scrap notes was put in the recycle bin.  A stack of  family histories that were not direct line, to donate to the local genealogical society. I hope in the next week to get this project completed from three  bins down to one.

Old receipts dating back to the 1980’s, put my husband and I taking a trip down memory lane. From the early part of our relationship, until the birth of our twins 19 years old, from our many moves, money mistakes, just basically all the life that we had lived till 10 years ago, being shredded in the shredder.

Christmas decorations that we had held on to, even after we had gotten rid of the 6 foot Christmas tree, many, many years ago. I got rid of all but  one bin.  During the semester break, the boys will go through this bin and keep only the ornaments that they want. The rest is out of here. We now have a minature tree that my cousin made by hand and gave to us a few years back. That is all we need, besides the two Santa Claus figures that the boys want  to hang onto.

The rest of the stuff we are hanging onto for the time being.

But this is a start………….

Now to take 3 lawn and leaf bags and 4 tall kitchen bags of shredded paper along with one torn up big cardboard box to the recycling center.