Here it is the 10th of December and I am so sick of the Christmas commercials on tv.

Their messsage tells me If  I do not BUY a gift I will be seen as scrooge to my loved ones.

Why can’t we go back to just enjoying a get together with family, friends and food?

Why has it gotten so out of hand?

When will we wise up and just say enough and take back Christmas.

Many years ago my family said enough.

We went from buying presents for EVERY family member to just having a Christmas Dinner with all the family and whatever friends they bring along. If any member wanted to give a gift they could, but no one was obliged to bring one, nor give one in return.

Now the only thing that is required is that each family member bring  one veggie, one dessert and your own drink.  Mom feels  the meat, (being turkey at Thanksgiving to ham at Christmas) is her department, so we let her do that. Rolls are my department, so I  bring those, along with my veggie and dessert.  Even the friends of family bring something, either an extra drink, an extra pack of rolls, an extra dessert, it does not matter, they bring something to contribute, even though it is not necessary.

We all sit around eat, laugh, take pictures, joke, laugh at the little ones and just have a merry old time.

Good times are had by all.

That is what Christmas is all about.