Other blogs will tell you to find your niche. What if you have several? Do you have different blogs for different niches?

That to me is to much hard work for this 50 year old woman. I  work outside the home, I also have a husband and a dog at home. I also have two young men in their first year of college who still need the support of their parents from time to time. And I also have both parents still alive, along with a grandmother. Who has the time to research and write for many blogs in their spare time?

For me, I am combining all into one blog. I will write about what I am passionate about at the moment. I do not want to maintain a blog about one subject, another blog about another subject, why not combine all your interests into one blog? My writing will probably be all over the place,  but that is OKAY.

I am a newbie, I will learn and I will  find my own place. This is life.