Here it is the 10th of December and I am so sick of the Christmas commercials on tv.

Their messsage tells me If  I do not BUY a gift I will be seen as scrooge to my loved ones.

Why can’t we go back to just enjoying a get together with family, friends and food?

Why has it gotten so out of hand?

When will we wise up and just say enough and take back Christmas.

Many years ago my family said enough.

We went from buying presents for EVERY family member to just having a Christmas Dinner with all the family and whatever friends they bring along. If any member wanted to give a gift they could, but no one was obliged to bring one, nor give one in return.

Now the only thing that is required is that each family member bring  one veggie, one dessert and your own drink.  Mom feels  the meat, (being turkey at Thanksgiving to ham at Christmas) is her department, so we let her do that. Rolls are my department, so I  bring those, along with my veggie and dessert.  Even the friends of family bring something, either an extra drink, an extra pack of rolls, an extra dessert, it does not matter, they bring something to contribute, even though it is not necessary.

We all sit around eat, laugh, take pictures, joke, laugh at the little ones and just have a merry old time.

Good times are had by all.

That is what Christmas is all about.


Poop on Demand

You ever wonder how dogs can poop on demand?

We are having an arctic cold snap here in WNC.

Today we were out making sure all the vents were closed around the house and the water pipes were covered in preparation for tonight’s freeze. The weenie dog has not been around that side of the house in two weeks, so what is the first thing he does after he sniffs the new territory?

He takes a poop.

He sniffs a further 10 feet and takes ANOTHER poop in LESS than five minutes.

He must be marking his territory.

But instead of peeing  every few inches he takes TWO poops.

Go figure.

Look how innocent he looks.

Beans and Rice update

It has taken the two of us one week to eat the beans and rice we fixed last week.

We each ate one bowl a day, either for lunch or supper.

Tonight I made a pot of soup, wonder if this will last us a week?

Beans and Rice

There is nothing as filling in your belly as a plate or bowl of beans and rice. It does not matter what kind of beans, nor what type of rice, it just plain taste good.

I have a rice cooker. One of the best investments I have made.

I just put two cups of brown rice, two bouillon cubes, fill water in rice cooker to line 2 and add 1/2 cup of extra water ( brown rice needs more liquid), close lid, push the brown rice  button, and in a couple of hours I have fresh rice.

I also have a pressure cooker. Mine is small, but not the smallest. I have had mine around 10 years.

Last night I took 1 pound of dried beans and sorted through them to get the rocks out. Put them in a bowl and filled it up with water.

Today I rinsed the beans several times. Put them in pressure cooker, along with 2 TBS of onion powder, 2 TBS of olive oil, and 4 bouillon cubes. Filled the cooker with water up to the line. Cut the stove on high. When the knob on top of the pressure cooker starts rocking, cut the burner down to medium and let cook for 30 minutes.

Nothing better in the world.

See the results

Add homemade bread like this

Put it all together

Enjoyed every bite


Time has just slipped away from me. I have not posted in 12 days. Between work, Turkey Day, boys being home for college for a few days, time just got away.   From now on I will try to post at least once a week, perhaps more. I do want to commit more time to blogging since that is what I want to do. Now to make time for it.

Emotional Baggage

We have 17 months to live here.  That should give us plenty of time to purge unnecessary stuff from our life.

But it is not easy.

We spent all day Tuesday cleaning out the master bedroom closet and we did not finish.

Know what was in there besides clothes?

Genealogy stuff,  storage bins of Christmas tree decorations, bins of receipts dating back to the 1980’s, quilts, shoes, boxes of overflowing scrap paper,  whatnots, etc… get the picture..

So we started

Genealogy stuff is now down to three bins. I have decided to put all the direct  line info into one book for my children and only keep one bin. Lots of scrap notes was put in the recycle bin.  A stack of  family histories that were not direct line, to donate to the local genealogical society. I hope in the next week to get this project completed from three  bins down to one.

Old receipts dating back to the 1980’s, put my husband and I taking a trip down memory lane. From the early part of our relationship, until the birth of our twins 19 years old, from our many moves, money mistakes, just basically all the life that we had lived till 10 years ago, being shredded in the shredder.

Christmas decorations that we had held on to, even after we had gotten rid of the 6 foot Christmas tree, many, many years ago. I got rid of all but  one bin.  During the semester break, the boys will go through this bin and keep only the ornaments that they want. The rest is out of here. We now have a minature tree that my cousin made by hand and gave to us a few years back. That is all we need, besides the two Santa Claus figures that the boys want  to hang onto.

The rest of the stuff we are hanging onto for the time being.

But this is a start………….

Now to take 3 lawn and leaf bags and 4 tall kitchen bags of shredded paper along with one torn up big cardboard box to the recycling center.


It was so hard to start a blog. You know why? FEAR

FEAR of letting strangers into your life

FEAR of strangers criticizing your writing

FEAR of actually sucking at writing and letting the world know it

FEAR of strangers judging the way you live your life

FEAR of  failure that people who  know you will witness and judge you for

FEAR of the unknown


I came to the conclusion that I would not let FEAR be my failure

This is MY LIFE and I have only one shot at it


I wanted a blog, so I started one

If it fails,  then it fails

At least I tried

And FEAR will  lose this round