One year gone by

It is hard to believe it has been almost a year since I have last written anything to this blog. So many obstacles got in my way. The main one had to do with my dad suddenly dying March 12th and spending the year dealing with not only  the emotional grief, but also the legalities of insurance, funeral bills, probate, and all the ugly side of death. Not to forget the taking care of mom who found herself widowed, with not a clue how to take care of herself. What a year!

I am giving this blog one more shot. If I can not do it this time around, then it was not meant to be.



Other blogs will tell you to find your niche. What if you have several? Do you have different blogs for different niches?

That to me is to much hard work for this 50 year old woman. I  work outside the home, I also have a husband and a dog at home. I also have two young men in their first year of college who still need the support of their parents from time to time. And I also have both parents still alive, along with a grandmother. Who has the time to research and write for many blogs in their spare time?

For me, I am combining all into one blog. I will write about what I am passionate about at the moment. I do not want to maintain a blog about one subject, another blog about another subject, why not combine all your interests into one blog? My writing will probably be all over the place,  but that is OKAY.

I am a newbie, I will learn and I will  find my own place. This is life.


I can not believe it has been over a month since I have written anything. It goes to show how life just gobbles you up and leaves you no free time in doing things you love to do. I had/have every intention to write more but never found the time.  From now on, I will do everything in my power to write more or I will shut this blog down.


Why have a blog if you never write?

Is it just to tell other people you have one?

Is it just to try to make money?

Whatever it is, you just NEED to write something once or twice a week or just shut it down.

If you never have the time or, are  not willing to make the time, then just shut it down and go on with your offline life.

YOU have a month to decide.


I have a love hate relationship with snow.

I love the whiteness.

I love the clean feeling of it when it first falls

I love the brightness

I love the stillness.

But it does not take long to hate it.

Hate  shoveling the porch so the dog can go out and do its business.

Hate  shoveling the driveway so you can get your car out to go to work.

Hate not having a 4wd and fighting your way to work.

Hate the wetness of it when you track it in your house.

Snow disrupts the normal routine of my life and I love hate it.

New Year’s Resolutions

I try to not make New Year’s resolutions.

Cause if I fail, I will not beat myself up about it.

Instead I try to take one day at at time.

For me, it is simpler that way.


Here’s hoping 2011 will  be a great year

Eating Out

Am I the only person in the whole wide world who does not eat out in restaurants?

I have not been to any restaurants in over 10 years.

Why not you ask?

Before I had children, and when they were very small, we ate out all the time.

Then money became so tight when my husband became disabled, that I had to learn how to cook. Going out to eat was out of the question.

We finally were able to  get a $5 pizza from Little Caesars  occasionally, until the sauce on the pizza made my husband and one of my sons sick. So we quit going there.

The only place we grab a bite to eat, is Subway. Then it is their  $5 foot long. Hubby and mine is almost always the same; oven roasted chicken with everything, but jalepeno peppers, with olive oil and vinegar dressing. Since, I hate tomatoes, and he does not like pickles and banana peppers, we trade. The foot long does us for 2 meals. We only do this when we are traveling back and forth to the colleges that our boys attend.  No potato chips, no cookies and  drinks are in the cooler.

Am I the only one that does this?